Unga Bunga

This guy is walking through the Amazon. He’s exhausted his food and water supplies and is starving. When he thinks he just can’t go on, he finds himself surrounded by a tribe of cannibals, all with huge loin-cloths that can’t hide their even huge dicks. The man is taken to the village, given food and water, and is then brought before the chieftain. The chief, who has the largest dick in the village, says to him: “Right, white man. We are going to give you a choice. You can either be roasted and eaten alive or experience Unga Bunga.”

The man, obviously not stupid, first asks what Unga Bunga is. “It consists of being fucked in the ass by all members of the tribe, white man,” the chief replies with a huge grin.

After thinking it over, the man decides to go for the butt-fuck. So he kneels down and all the men line up behind him and fuck him till he’s screaming with pain. After a couple of hours the torture stops and the man is free to go. Bleeding from his ass he crawls off into the rainforest. A couple of days later he’s lost. No food, no water. His ass has healed by now, but what good will that do him?

At night he’s discovered by another tribe, who take him to their village. Again he is given the choice between death and Unga Bunga. And again, after much consideration, he chooses Unga Bunga. All night long the cannibals have their way with him and in the morning he’s free to go. The next day the man – lost, starving and about to die is AGAIN taken capture, this time by a tribe with dicks that touch the ground. AGAIN he’s given the choice: death or Unga Bunga. Deciding he’s had enough and won’t be raped again, the man says to the chief: “Go ahead. Burn me, eat me. I’m ready to die.” The chief, much impressed by the man’s bravery, replies: “All right, white man. But first…..UNGA BUNGA!

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