New Lifesavers’ Flavor

It’s the first day of kindergarten, and the teacher decides to do taste association.
”I’ll blindfold you and give you a lifesaver, and you tell me what flavor it is,” she tells the children.
So she gives them all a cherry flavor, and says, ”What flavor is that?”
The whole class answers, ”Mmmm, that’s cherry.”
”Very good,” the teacher replies.
So she gives them all a grape and they reply, ”Mmm, that’s grape.”
”Very good,” she says again.
Then she gives them all a honey flavor. The whole class sits perplexed by the strange taste, so the teacher says, ”OK, I’ll give you a hint, it’s something your parents might call each other.”
Little Johnny spits his out on the floor and yells, ”Spit ’em out everyone, they’re ASSHOLES!”

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