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This site is dedicated to humour, the easily offended may want to leave here and go to the Disney site, where they can have lots of cute, fluffy, inoffensive animals all over the page to entertain them.

This site contains jokes that may not be regarded as politically correct, they may use various stereotypes as part of the humour and some may be a little close to the mark, and quite a few may be in bad taste. Some jokes may offend some people whilst amusing others, so please do not view this site if you are easily offended.

However, no joke which I see as offensively racist, sexist or anything else-ist will appear. Similarly whilst some items may be slightly risque, no item that I see as too explicit will appear. Some items which are on the borderline may be displayed.

As a general rule of thumb, you may not be prepared to tell your grandmother all of the jokes, but you should be able to tell your mum.