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The Riddle of the Missing Dollar

Posted in Business, Riddles

Bit of maths training ….

Three guys go to a hotel. They tell the man behind the desk that they want 3 rooms. He says, “10 dollars per room so that”s 30 dollars.”So they pay and go up to their rooms. Then, the deskman remembers that there is a special for 3 rooms for $25. He gives the bellhop the $5 change and tells him to take it up to them. On the way, the bellhop realizes that he doesn”t know how to split it 3 ways so he keeps 2 and gives 1 to each man.

My question is: If after the dollar refund each man paid 9 dollars and $9 x 3 men equals $27 and the bellhop only has $2, then what happened to the other dollar?